Finding Your Tribe – Linkedin or Clubhouse

My LinkedIn Account lay dormant for years. As I evolved from traditional Live Performance practices to Digital platforms, I wondered how to connect with a wider pool of people. How could I create a richer experience online and have meaningful conversations? I asked questions and attempted to stoke connection on LinkedIn, which was not too successful.

Enter the “exclusive” platform in beta – Clubhouse.

The best part of the user experience is that I’ve been able to make some genuine connections with my “walls down” approach to conversation. We talk about ideas, concepts and digital strategies. There is an opportunity to go deeper with many and without agenda. To interact with other humans on a level I have not been able to cultivate on other platforms. Since the big show and live events shut shop, I know many of us have craved that “soul juice” that sees us spring out of bed in the morning. Even harder when you are a creator and use to big venues, surrounded by teams.

But in Clubhouse, there is the potential for echo chambers or silos, blatant leveraging for more sales and followers and the very real loss of time and productivity. Some rooms are just so engaging. Some folk are already choking the experience by sliding into my Instagram DMs offering services. Let’s be real – you can learn the concepts of how to do most anything on the internet. What is refreshing is that you must “bring yourself” on Clubhouse. Your visual feed or curated presence does not matter. Your words, tone and human elegance in the moment is amplified. We are processing and listening with intention.   

I see the opportunity to be an early adopter but resist the urge to write a Clubhouse hack guide or build a course around it. There are many people already on this. I wonder why they come to a platform designed for conversation when there are so many other platforms to monetize and gain a following. Some have huge followings and 8 figure businesses that sit on the platform for hours to game it and consolidate their position of authority. I think Clubhouse has already become a place where the big fish are eating the small and where others are scooping with nets in a small pond, but for me I’m teasing out my presence. Some days active and talking, some days moderating and starting my own room, some days listening only. For me, Clubhouse is a space to generate connection and broker conversations that add to the rich tapestry of a global human experience.

I’m interested in talking ideas, leadership, creativity, digital production, entrepreneurship and branding, podcasting, community and relationship building, collaboration, global ethics, the brain and nervous system and most importantly sharing authentic conversation with humans that are not afraid to show their messy imperfect selves. So, join me there or leave a comment below if you’d like to connect and share your thoughts and experience on Clubhouse.

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