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Do You Have A Digital Presence?

It’s amazing to look back and see how tethered I was to perfection and terrified of failure and judgement. I was a disciple to so many old programmed and unconscious ways of being that included fixed thinking and pushing through by stealth. Ideas that were limiting and beliefs that kept me stuck. Not surprising that the people I was surrounded by operated similarly.

Snap back to this very moment in time and you are reading about a very different human.

A lot of good can come from acceptance, being ok with hiccups, roadblocks or fails if it’s reframed as the “lesson that I needed to have for growth”. There really is more flow when you operate from this place and no longer need to swim up stream, keep up, play small, push through or smash the ceiling. It gives you a lot of freedom and an insight to see how much BS, hangups and baggage, many people walk this earth with in every waking moment – even the people in the public eye, those that you admire and hold up on a pedestal.

In this life it is important to ask the right questions, know your purpose, challenge yourself and have a voice.

The people you admire do this, so the question is do you?

Are you able to step up on a microphone? Could you possibly post your idea on social media? Would you put your hand up if you were asked to speak or participate from the front row of a live audience? Could you allow yourself to be seen?

Many of you might be guarded or protecting yourself from the things that seem a little scary, risky or uncomfortable and I completely understand as that was me too. I absolutely value my privacy but have been able to navigate through social media and grow a digital presence whilst still keeping sovereign aspects of my personal life.

In these digital times many of you with a desire to work virtually will need to put yourself “out there” (even the introverts). It is a fundamental shift in thinking to grab that metaphorical mic and set yourself up as a brand, an authority or creator. Many of you might have to make significant changes or take positive action for new things to take shape in your work, life and business.

I love mentoring, teaching and getting people to draw from their inner reservoir of talent (often untapped) to create their own very fine works. It’s what I did for over 20 years on live performances. It was helping others to be seen, stage their shows, performances, speeches and talents to bring forward their creations or amplified their voice to an audience.

Now think digitally and I shape, guide and help people produce what they are doing online – to grab that mic! To claim their virtual corner on the internet through podcasting, developing a social media presence, by confidence building and implementing best practices.

I give people not only permission to do what they want to do, but help them to take action. I lay out a schedule, framework and mentor them. I honestly love to encourage growth and stage manage the process of YOU.

The art of communicating your message is absolutely everything in creation, but so many of us feel stumped when the ideas don’t seem to flow, the tech appears too hard or we can’t even imagine how to voice that inner knowing. People say they feel stuck when that desire to create things or do amazing things is held back. It can be a really painful experience seeing other people doing what you’d love to do on social media. Their digital success seems so easy, and it’s confusing to not be able to put your finger on what’s holding you back.

Don’t turbo into overthinking now. Here’s the deal.

They have put in the hard work and have also started at zero. They have the experience and have developed the confidence to navigate the landscape of success.

You cannot rate yourself on someone else’s journey, that has taken them 10 years to be “an overnight success”. That’s the work of the creator, the entrepreneur, the visionary – working quietly in the background and creating the right opportunities by make some noise to move forward.

So what message do you want to communicate to the world? Would you speak up? Would you have the tenacity to stick it out? To change things up for growth?

Are you okay with falling on your face?

Can you get back up with a smile and grab that mic?

I really want to help you succeed digitally, as it was confusing in the early days for me too. Reach out at if you’d like to work with me and fast track through all the learnings to digital growth and success.

Don’t forget to checkout my podcast Nerds of Joy for more of my musings.

Best wishes

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