Joy chats with Michael Littig, a serial entrepreneur, investor, theater artist, and co-founder of Zuckerberg Institute. Joy and Michael discuss being of service in the world, values, belonging and how to make community. They talk about the moment they shared the hand of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and teachings from their time in India together and discuss why, and what value mentorship and personal growth brings in fostering knowledge and wisdom. Michael shares a beautiful poem by Rumi – (the listener will transcend to the theatre for a moment) and scatters throughout the conversation, book and author references to plant the seeds of curiosity in the listener. This is an episode not to be missed, it’s deep, reflective, scholarly, and filled with wisdom moments – that you can integrate into your work, life and business. If you want to think deeper, and dig past the surface of conversation, then this episode is for you.