HOT NEWS! Joy has created a free FB Group – Creative Female Entrepreneurs GO LIVE! A community for female online business owners and digital entrepreneurs that want to GO LIVE to their audiences, get support, ask questions, and connect authentically. Our mission is to deepen your knowledge of production, digital process, and spark creative ideas, to provide value and cultivate authentic community through shared experiences – no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, so that you can GO LIVE with greater ease and success on social media. Here’s what you can expect to see in this group: ✴️ Exclusive techniques to GO LIVE on social media and onstage ✴️ How to entertain, educate and delight ✴️ Collaborative leadership ✴️ Visibility, Engagement & Being Seen Tips ✴️ Time Management & Accountability ✴️ Support This is a FREE group, so I encourage you to join, share and engage in a way that fosters a safe environment to have our thoughts and ideas be seen and nurtured in community.