Time Management : Six Steps to working it from home

There has never been a time in living memory with so many people working from home and on digital platforms due to the pandemic, and this was not planned. There are obstacles to effective time management but here's the rub, you do not have to be hard or critical of yourself in this time. You can work smarter by knowing a few human hacks and with greater ease.

Download the six simple steps to curate your time, stop the struggle, the task juggling and feelings of exhaustion and overwhelm.

You'll receive effective techniques that you can action right away, to move you closer to a gentler and more
successful way of managing your moment by moment and set your intentions, in these uncertain times.

As a professional Stage Manager for 23 years i was driven in process, deadline delivery and time management, but the non stop busy and overstacking of events saw me running on empty and in search of more. I took the leap to leave the comfort and security of my safe job in early 2019, to move into entrepreneurship, learning quickly how to navigate uncertainty, new work and changing environments.

I really want to share this with you as so many people have been pushed into this kind of digital work from home. It is do-able, but how?

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