Four Essential Tips To Breakup With 2020

Season 3 - Episode 16

“Daydreaming is your soul tapping you on your shoulder to think bigger” Joy Pereira


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to perhaps your very first episode of the Nerds of Joy Podcast. I’m Joy your host and I’m delighted that you have joined me today.


Hello to all my regulars, your support and commitment to this podcast over the last year warms the cockles of my heart… (I speak the truth). Knowing you are back again, cools the Aussie sunburn on my crispy sun drenched exterior. SO, thank you to you all. You don’t know the level of appreciation and gratitude that I feel knowing my works are being received all around the world by such a diverse global listening audience.


So, you’re here to know more about the 4 essential tips to breakup with 2020. Your curiosity and choice to click on this episode shows me that you are ready for change, you might be a seeker of knowledge, you might be ready to hear another person’s thoughts and ideas or maybe you’re a great collator of content that you filter. 2020 has affected every human on this planet in some way. Take a moment to think about that. It has affected every single human on this planet, and I would think for the majority – not for the better.


So, without sharing all that ails me in this moment. I’m going to offer you a choice, to listen in with curiosity, learn some insider techniques to amplify your very best, because we all need a boost, to turbo charge and reset for 2021 – so sit back, relax and enjoy this powerful episode. It’s your choice to take action or not on these ideas. You choose your own adventure..


TIP 1: Don’t worry about what they might say.

Only you know your particular circumstance and the year that you have had. As the days go by, may you garner more strength and momentum to move forward. For some of you it might be baby steps and for others great leaps. Be true to your ideas and intentions. You might consult others but if they are not in the game that you are in, take it with a grain of salt and draw your own conclusions. We have to be very careful with who we let into our space.


TIP 2: Be kind to yourself.

I know this might be obvious to the seekers in the audience but for so many people, they have never entertained this thought. Often, we are our own worst critic and the internal berating and beating up of ourselves is truly unkind. Many of us have spent years running the old tapes in our mind that tears us down and remind us how stupid, ridiculous, weak, talentless and average we THINK we are. But as Sheldon says, “it’s a trap!”


TIP 3: What are you most curious about?

This is a big helper in getting to better understand the subconscious desires that may lurk beneath the surface. What activity deemed as only a hobby or interest previously, could you begin to invest time in, to simply enjoy and bring more peace in your day perhaps. What potential side hustle (and I’m not a fan of the word hustle) could you start to bring to life? Just remember we don’t always have to try to grow or monetise something that delights us and brings us joy. Often, we can share this simple thing with others or keep it as a quiet activity for our eyes only. Feed your soul my friends!


TIP 4: Filter the noise.

This is probably the number one thing that I have chosen to do in recent times to prevent me from distraction, disruption and the energy vampires that like to dump on you. To get quiet which is a pathway to clearer thinking and a calmer nervous system we can start by shutting down the toxic conversations, the people that like to tear down others like a sport, the whingers, the super loud people that somehow never seem to listen – whit it’s their turn, the demanders and peacocks and basically anyone that asks or takes something from one but does not reciprocate the exchange.


In the short term, you can turn off notifications on your devices, you could delete apps, put caps and limits on your screen time. Only check messages in blocks of time, same goes for email. There are 101 creative ways to preserve energy and filter the noise such as only responding after the quiet substantial and most necessary work is completed. Put up a sign – do not disturb on your grey cubicle, if you are at home give that child the busy toy, y’know the one they only get, when you are busy or the special kids platter for when you need to bunker down.


Switch off the news and the forever run of aggression, posturing and reaction inducing pressers that cause a physical response in your body. Now is the time to reduce the amount of exposure by blocking out the noise. Put on those noise cancelling headphones and turn up your favourite album that you can focus with – who knows you might release all those much-needed happy hormones into your system.


I’ll leave it on that brighter note. I think the trick to 2021 is being in a place where we become more open to receive and also give to others. A place where we can be the best versions of ourselves despite the undue hardships and devastations many people have experienced in the year 2020. Help is on the way.


My forever optimism is to believe that we have or will grow from the experience of 2020 and in time we shall also heal. For now, if it is very real, I hope that you reach out to your networks to ask for support or help if you need to. There are ways for us all to lean in a little more and deepen our listening without depleting another in the process.


May you all not worry about what others might think. May you be kind to yourself, may you find what you are most curious about and may you filter the noise.


May this help you be more centred, open to possibility and in tome ready to take action or perhaps give yourself permission to finally rest in 2021. The choice is yours. I hope that you do it your way.


Thank you for listening. I hope that you might have got some serious gains or ideas from this episode of Nerds of Joy and that you might intentionally choose your own adventure. If you think a friend needs to hear this, then please share this episode and don’t forget to subscribe and leave me a review on iTunes. It really helps with getting my voice and ideas heard. I’m sometimes stubborn and evolving from wanting to work in an organic artistic way when it comes to my production work. I see it as a craft, a vocation to creating smarter and streamlined episodes, to create maximum value and connection to my listening audience.


For this time in your earbuds. I say thank you!!!