Joy is the consummate professional, engaging host, and has a knack for making interviews feel like easy coffee conversations.

Joy gives you space to be you, and share your story, while adding, guiding and supporting for a great listen!”

Jason Perelson – Creative Director Synergy Group

Joy has a great way of interviewing to help really get the most out of the topics in a way that the audience will understand. 

The interview was great to connect with our existing audience and also to connect with new people around the world!

Joy is an amazing and professional host, I felt safe throughout the process and she asked some great questions, I highly recommend her!”

Michael Thornhill – Co-founder Casagalactica

“The Produce Your Life course has made me step back and re-assess my whole life, not just the work/life balance.

I have retrained my brain to stop, not get overwhelmed and to calm my thoughts in order to regain order and balance in my mind.

I am so pleased that I have these tools. They have made a huge difference in my day to day being and help me stay sane, balanced and focussed.”

Monica G, Sydney

Fresh, delightful & absolutely uplifting was my experience of Joy’s leadership course. 

The various focussing & mindfulness techniques are powerful yet simple to implement and I just loved that at the core of it was about ‘placing the oxygen mask on yourself first, before helping others’.

The cadence and structure of the weekly sessions meant I could hone the techniques I learnt previously, at the same time reflect on the passages, ideas and concepts discussed to develop and apply them to my own context and journey.

Immersing myself in the conversations within our small group gave me a sense of community and belonging. It was just wonderful how such varied personal stories intersected for the course, yet the ideas conveyed felt like they shared a somewhat common thread of the innate human experience.

This is a must for those wanting something different and unique from a leadership course.”

Alison D, Canberra

Joy is a personable and connected group leader who is able to engage with both the individuals and the group to enhance growth. Through her astute guidance of the participants within the group, she is able to engage with the value of shared experiences and then able to provide contrast and opportunity for people to evaluate their own unique perspective of their personal and professional lives.

The course provided structure for myself to explore my core values and beliefs and provided the much needed brain “space” in this day and age. Clarification of my values and beliefs allowed my goals to become much more clear and attainable. This course created the “mindset” to participants through the suggested and shared mental strategies to implement for personal and professional growth to happen and be effective.”

Karen W, Dublin

“I had the absolute privilege to be a member of the Produce Your Life – Beta Group.  Who doesn’t want to conquer time management, be focussed and produce amazing results!  It far exceeded my expectations. 

In this digital world, there are so many coaches competing to get our attention, however, for me it is all about connecting.  Joy is personable, and she has such a way with words, in a way that you not only hear what Joy is saying, but you really do feel a connection with the message.  I, hand on heart,  believe that Joy understands the “soft qualities, the values and emotion – that truly ignites connection”.

Joy was a Professional Stage Manager at the Sydney Opera House, and she utilised those skills to also help me curate and execute a successful backyard music event.  Joy’s guidance and templates allowed me to plan, coordinate, and lead my small team of helpers with ease and confidence.

A lady of many talents indeed, but more-so, a kind, authentic human.”

Allie V, Brisbane


“In 2013, our journey with the incredibly talented production and stage manager Joy Pereira started when we set out to create a wonderful tribe of professionals to produce Wired for Wonder, which is now in it’s 5th year of delivery.  To our wonder tribe, Joy brings her many years of experience and knowledge in managing some of Australia’s major shows, productions and concerts.

Joy works with us to piece together the moment by moment execution of the Wired for Wonder main stage sequences of vision, technical requirements, music and theatrics to perfectly choreograph with our visual and production team to produce a symphony of perfection.

Each year, Joy and her team bring their “wonder” to “Wired for Wonder” that enhances the event experience for both our speakers and our attendees. “

Mandi Ford, Essential Solutions