About Me

Joy Pereira has executed a lifetime’s worth of seamless professional productions and events with major artists working for top arts organisations such as the Sydney Opera House; and now works with clients in the digital space. Joy helps clients build their profile, visibility and impact by delivering their message through podcasts, live events and socials media. Joy works with clients to develop their voice, amplify their digital media strategy and live broadcast skills by building their comfort on microphones and answering questions related to their industry.

“Translating these skills to business is critical, to compete in the digital environment. I see a huge gap between the experienced professional and their ability to show up online. If you can’t be found by a simple Google search, then how can a potential client, collaborator or new opportunity find you?”

Joy really wants to help people develop their online presence, confidence and field authority, in a way that feels completely natural. Your voice, deep knowledge, creativity and experience matters to an audience. Joy targets the unique qualities of the individual, refining their potential in the process and produces clients to share with and be remembered by a wider audience. It’s not about being the loudest person in the room or the most confident.

“It’s all about being relatable and building trust whilst still maintaining privacy and being your authentic self. Seeing yourself as a personal brand is a necessary reframe, especially in this land grab age of AI generated content where bots threaten genuine deep practice, our perception and the ability to connect as humans”

Joy knows how to build a synergy with the guest, spends the time to research, mentor and ask the right questions, so you can answer with authority. Joy create’s a superior conversation that includes the audience, positions you as an emerging thoughtleader or person at the top of your field. Not all podcasts are created equal, not all hosts care to draw out the “x-factor’ from a guest, not all hosts have the sensitivity to build that synergy that makes it a memorable conversation that listeners share. 

Jason Perelson – Creative Director said “Joy is the consummate professional, engaging host, and has a knack for making interviews feel like east coffee conversations. Joy gives you space to be you, and share your story, while adding, guiding and supporting for a great listen.”

Michael Thornhill co-founder of Casa Galactica said “Joy has a great way of interviewing to help really get the most out of the topics in a way that the audience will understand. Joy is an amazing and professional host, I felt safe throughout the process and she asked some great questions, I highly recommend her” 

Joy also offers design and full event creation. She can design a showcase like TED and take individuals and companies from Idea to Execution. She has sequenced and delivered thousands of live performances and is an expert in leading teams and sourcing partnerships to deliver your live event.