It can be hard to make a start or know how to navigate social media especially if it has not been a part of your work strategy in the past.
 Potential clients want to see more of you than just your professional front. In this day and age – YOU ARE THE BRAND and platforms like Linkedin are much more than just a noticeboard to place your CV. Social media is a space to demonstrate your expertise and build a community of clients.
 Let’s amplify your message on social media, nail your time and productivity and get you in the game.
 I call it your “Digital Fitness” and I can be your digital fitness coach. 
 Digital strategy is a complex ecosystem that I have navigated for a few years now after a lifetime onstage in production, and it takes creativity, determination, connection and a desire to think bigger. My mission is to get out of your comfort zone to be bolder, come out of your shell and be seen! 
 You might be an authority or expert in your field, but the thought of going live on Instagram terrifies you.
 I want you to be online with ease, as uniquely and as authentically as possible, to realise your potential and make significant gains.
 My creative programs and coaching are produced with great intention for wellbeing – to integrate work, life and business, in a way that helps you scale your digital footprint. You might be a service based business, selling products, coaching, run workshops or be a creative that just needs to share their works.
 Let me map out your personalised process, tackle the fear that is holding you back and help you nail your online success in this digital economy. Don’t be afraid of the tech either. 
 You might not realise how important having an online presence is; but the recruiters, job prospects, future clients, potential customers and collaborators are probably Googling you right now. It’s human nature! Let’s get you camera ready and digital savvy!
How can I help you?

I am expert level with 25 years of professional productions in producing and stage managing teams, my last 5 years have been integrating new digital production and social media skills in the online space. I can help you transition from your old analogue ways to this new digital ecosystem.

I spent a lifetime in the wings, just out of the limelight helping others to be seen, build their brand, develop their ideas and show their talent. 

It is possible for you to be centre stage and claim your space, in fact it is a requirement of having a digital business to cut through the noise.

I’ve worked with coaches, experts, celebrities and every day joes like you and me and we all have that human spark and desire to do greater things.

If you have no ideas. We will source and develop them.

If you are overwhelmed by the tech. We will edit furiously to work on the most important steps to move you forward.

If you are terrible at taking action. I will map your process out specially curated for you, set deadlines and gently shake you to do the work. (not kidding)

Let’s change the way that you approach your digital fitness. Champions and elite sports people have coaches that fine tune and develop their talent. They value having a support team, that can identify their blindspots.

You can do it!

You already have the resources inside you. Will you take action or stay in your comfort zone?

Get in contact with me now.

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