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EPISODE 38: Live Streaming to Grow Your Social Reach & Brand with Chocolate Johnn‪y‬

Joy speaks with early adopter of social tech and third generation Chocolatier John Kapos to discover how to amplify your bricks and mortar business and leverage your social media to explode your personal brand. Chocolate Johnny is CEO of Perfection Chocolates and has continued to thrive in this global pandemic with his stellar art of connection, supported by his use of live streaming and social strategy across many platforms.

EPISODE 37: Things You Must Know Before Deciding to Become An Entrepreneu‪r‬

In this mini-bite, Joy talks about the things you MUST know about Entrepreneurship before making the great leap; things that experts might not share up front. Joy shares essential insider secrets, tips and techniques that can disrupt and confuse the green entrepreneur and why you shouldn’t take what the expert or influencer says as gospel. It’s up to each person to do the data crunch, form the strategy right for you and to honor your vision.

EPISODE 36: Digital Trust, Creative Ideas & Brand Strategy with Jason Perelson

Joy talks to Jason Perelson, award winning Creative Director and Executive Director for creativeXpeople at Synergy Group Australia. He leads creative direction and strategy,  perfectly blending insights, academia, curiosity and imagination. Joy and Jason talk digital trust, collective thought, vulnerability, culture and ideas and give the listener 5 top tips for entrepreneurs to grow their brand and engage their audiences.  This episode is for you if you want to know the concepts to create your personal Brand and more!

EPISODE 35: Entrepreneurs Must Know Secrets to Change, Pivot & Adapt for Ideas & Creation in 2021

Joy talks about Change. This is a great kickstarter to reframe and be New Year ready! It’s something we have already done in the year thus far but what if you made the time to intentionally curate your work, life and business? What action could you take in the New Year to be ready to make change and how can you keep the transition in line with your values to broker better outcomes, a little bit more ease and wellbeing. After all we have been through, this is one to put your feet up with a good cup of tea or favourite drink. Bring a note pad in case any ideas come to you or perhaps to release your inner wild by doodling as you listen.

EPISODE 34: How to Get Quiet & Give Your Brain a Rest – Intermittent Silence with Dr Krishna Bhatta

Joy digs into the unique practice of Intermittent Silence with Dr Krishna Bhatta, MD, FRCS who is an American urologist, author, and inventor. This episode is especially for you if you have trouble slowing down – feel too stressed, experience low energy or “just can’t meditate” as the practice targets the moments between everyday hustle and meditation. This slowing down is often elusive to many of us and for many has been the missing link in mindful meditation practice and awareness.  Joy and Dr Bhatta bridge the gap between Western and Eastern philosophy by answering spiritual questions with a practical bent of mind. If you are ready to do some good for yourself, listen in curiously to this episode where you will discover the 4 Steps to Intermittent Silence and you can also download the free app Relaxx, an application that serves as a portable guru for finding peace and happiness.

EPISODE 33: 4 Essential Tips to Breakup with 2020

Discover the 4 essential things I’ve been doing to get myself ready for 2021 – to be more in sync and ditch the shackles of this disruptive year. To have fresh ideas and new beginnings. To feel better, more connected, healthier, and calmer. To experience greater success in my work, life and business. As we conclude this year, I hope that we can all take a moment to reflect on the year that was, the very moment we are in right now and the possibility of the year to come.  We are strong in our weakness, alone together and fearfully brave as we straddle from holidays into the New Year. Hope you enjoy. Joy xx

EPISODE 32: Stopping the Tech Battle with Kids & Self Management for Tech Zombies

Joy’s personal strategy for curbing tech challenges in her household. Why is it so hard to maintain a healthy consumption of tech. Why we are so addicted and powerless to stop the scroll. If this episode leads you down a rabbit hole for good, then our work here is done. Think about the strategies you can implement in your day to own the tech and not have it own you. Even more critical now in this age of polarisation, negativity bias, disruption and threats to democracy and our wellbeing. A quick bite listen.  “I’m really excited to share this episode, it’s been years of building this method to roll out tech in my home. It’s been a constant reworking and tweaking – setting standards and shifting boundaries when appropriate. We are our very own case study.”

EPISODE 31:Tibetan Buddhist Wisdom You Can Apply Right Now with Geshe Damchoe Dammy

Joy speaks with Venerable Geshe Damchoe Dammy a Tibetan Buddhist monk that has spent decades cultivating his spiritual practice – guiding, teaching and sharing knowledge and wisdom.  Listeners will understand more about the Tibetan culture, monastic process and the teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Joy and Geshe discuss how to incorporate themes of compassion, humility and interconnectedness into listeners work, life and business. They discuss impermanence, happiness and interdependence as keys to living a life in alignment, ease and flow. This is an episode that demands pause, a willingness to learn and a curiosity to think bigger and as a collective. Do you have the bandwidth? Are you a seeker looking to understand bigger concepts and global leadership ideas and ethics? Then listen up now.

EPISODE 30: The Ideas Generator, Random Thoughts and Daydreaming for Entrepreneurs

Joy shares her ideas, memories and revisits old tracks to discuss the non linear road of entrepreneurship. Haunted by random thoughts or daydreaming your way to success? Listeners will take away the busy grind to allow space for innovation, ideas and flow.  Joy also shares her time onstage with super band Jamiroquai. 

EPISODE 29: Master Your Time Management

Joy asks listeners to choose their own unique flavour of time. How to make it your own and curate it with intention. We all have the ability to choose where we put our energy and focus. How can you claw more back to feel more at ease with greater success in your work, life and business. Regroup, recalibrate, reset.

EPISODE 28: Digital Entrepreneur : Beachside Edition (How I Work & Holiday Remotely)

Joy brings todays episode from the beach in Australia and shares her tech setup, taking action, seeking out mentors, how 10 minutes can change your business and how to ditch the worrying guilt and disruptive monkey mind – to enrich, stretch, detox and enjoy, on our precious downtime whilst balancing family and work on holiday.

EPISODE 27: Produce Your Pivot

Listen to this quick micro podcast to see how we can discover new possibilities and exciting options that align more with our values and lead us to greater achievements, ease and success. Don’t sit on the fence, dig in and take deliberate action.

EPISODE 26: Full Sensory Leadership + Ideas with Brooke Webb

Joy chats with creative and artistic director Brooke Webb, and discovers her secrets to creating stories and experiences that bring people together, and the senses to life. Listeners will discover how to curate and refine their leadership skills with creativity, collaboration and deliberate intention at the core of their works. Joy and Brooke talk about selling ideas, boundaries, festival concepts, evolution and how cultivating emotional intelligence at all times, is key to success – timely given these most difficult of years. Finally Joy and Brooke talk about working together, a little hiccup on a big stage and explore wellbeing, looking after yourself, being open to receiving and energy healing. Such a privilege to present this celebrated and curious human to our Nerds of Joy Listeners.

EPISODE 25: Fusing Entrepreneur & Lifestyle Secrets with Ben Ivey

How do overwhelmed entrepreneurs live a great lifestyle whilst boosting their business success? Joy and Ben discuss key themes and strategies on how to integrate the whole person, lift in difficult times, work smarter and in more fulfilling ways. They discuss identity and the inner game of awareness, pattern interrupts, gratitude and taking small step action to amplify a good life, that you can implement today.

EPISODE 24: How to Find Your Second Wind

How can you flick the exhaustion and get that second wind to work on that passion project or side hustle at night – with a little more ease. Joy shares tips and tricks to get your ready, primed and humming.

EPISODE 23: How To Have Tough Conversations with Jonathan Miller

Joy asks today’s guest Jonathan Miller, how to have tough conversations. They bring negotiation strategies and boundary setting to the listener, and discuss giving and receiving feedback graciously. How can we use conflict as a tool for growth, take responsibility for our actions, release control and bring body consciousness and mindfulness into the mix, to be the very best communicator, see each other and be ultimately heard.

EPISODE 22: Nerds of Joy Takeover with Joy Pereira – Hosted by Claire Atkins

Joy hands over the reins to multi-talented artist Claire Atkins, to be a guest in the hot seat. On this episode we talk optimism, taking great leaps in your stride and creating the ultimate Facebook Group. Listeners will hear the backstory of Joy – the Nerds of Joy creator, life at the Sydney Opera House, the passion and dedication required when putting on a performance and how to catapult yourself into the unknown with grace. THIS is the Nerds of Joy Takeover.

EPISODE 21: Calling All Creative Female Entrepreneurs!

HOT NEWS! Joy has created a free FB Group – Creative Female Entrepreneurs GO LIVE! A community for female online business owners and digital entrepreneurs that want to GO LIVE to their audiences, get support, ask questions, and connect authentically. Our mission is to deepen your knowledge of production, digital process, and spark creative ideas, to provide value and cultivate authentic community through shared experiences – no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, so that you can GO LIVE with greater ease and success on social media. Here’s what you can expect to see in this group: ✴️ Exclusive techniques to GO LIVE on social media and onstage ✴️ How to entertain, educate and delight ✴️ Collaborative leadership ✴️ Visibility, Engagement & Being Seen Tips ✴️ Time Management & Accountability ✴️ Support This is a FREE group, so I encourage you to join, share and engage in a way that fosters a safe environment to have our thoughts and ideas be seen and nurtured in community.

EPISODE 20: Lee Chambers – Humans, Interactions, Habits, Thoughts + Life Lessons

Joy speaks with guest Lee Chambers and explores deeper level connection with intention, warm human beings and how environments affect our behaviours, interactions and wellbeing. Joy and Lee discuss co-working spaces, small habit changes, thoughts, adversity and resilience. They uncover with the listener, that pearls are created in life’s oysters as we encounter and process the tough lessons that define who we really are. So much to take away and process from this chat, that will keep the listener curious and thinking well past this episode.

EPISODE 19: Introverts

Joy tackles the trickiness of being an introvert and getting out front to be seen. We discuss the sticky aspects of marketing, sales and how to network and make connections. Joy explores the qualities of introverts, how to gain confidence, public speak and why Nerds of Joy Podcast is a no barrier to entry listen, curated with intention and what she looks for in the ideal guest. Introverts (or those wanting to step out to be seen) checkout and join my new Facebook Group, Creative Female Entrepreneurs GO LIVE! Where you will be rehearsed, and discover in community how to feel comfortable onstage, be calm and maximise your stage presence.

EPISODE 18: Theo Prodromitis – Spotlight on an Unstoppable Entrepreneur

Joy interviews inspirational and unstoppable career entrepreneur Theo Prodromitis, an award winning, expert brand and marketing strategist, CEO, amazon entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, lobbyist, speaker, mentor and leader. Listeners discover the foundations of Theo’s success at the tender age of 8, explore Greek philosophy and what is “Philotimo”, We hear Theo discuss what is leadership and the trials and tribulations of real business and life long learning. Joy explores Theo’s 7 Best Pieces of Free Advice for Creating YOUR Success and how to design your dream team, be fearlessly authentic and how to connect with top level people. If you want to think bigger and on a global scale, then this episode is for you!

EPISODE 17: Boundaries – Free Your Sunday

We go beyond conserving your time and saying NO in this mini bite episode. Joy talks about keeping your Sunday sacred, asks where you are putting your attention and if you are diluting your space and feeling the guilts when you take your well deserved breaks. For the hustlers and the ones that don’t feel they are doing enough.

EPISODE 16: How to Be Uniquely & Unapologetically Yourself

Joy talks about copycats, inspiration, creating your origin story and getting your stuff out there. She explains her own journey of organic blogging, originality, the importance of creativity, risk taking and doing new things. How are we evolving in these difficult times and what is the process? You’ll even receive a mindful bonus taster, as you discover your unique and unapologetic originality. Are you centre stage or living in the shadows?

EPISODE 15: Taking Action & Getting into Flow

Flow is the ability to be in the moment. It’s being immersed in a feeling of energised focus, working effortlessly  – it’s where the magic is. Can you take action and get into flow in these trying times? Joy explains what flow is, the feeling, experiments with being out of sorts and how to take action to move towards flow.

EPISODE 14: Cultivating Inner Strength in Covid-19

Joy shares ideas on how to cultivate inner strength with kindness, gentleness and self preservation. She looks to a hero to save her and finds that her 7 year old self is the key to discovering her inner reservoir of awesome. Joy discusses the children of covid 19, Oprah’s inner strength practice and Deepak’s key learning to move forward in hope. Joy sits in silence and lays the foundation to tease out the old ways of being – to pivot, heal and upgrade in this most difficult of times. Joy describes her work, like a new band that has not broken yet. There is gold not yet discovered by the masses, and she likes the organic reach and curated nature of content. Be a pioneer, get in early and connect on the following socials.

EPISODE 13: Dr Fi – Moving from Burnout to Bliss

Joy talks with Dr Fiona Enkelmann, a transformational coach and medical doctor who helps professional women recover from physical, emotional, and spiritual burnout. Joy and Dr Fi go deep so listeners can learn about living in survival stress, what we can do about it and how to reconnect with ourselves to find our bliss. Hustlers, workaholics and multitasking mamas will discover strategies for wellbeing, the signs and symptoms of burnout and how to take effective action to rewind, recall and ease chronic stress, auto immune disorders and low energy. Joy and Dr Fi share their own personal stories of extreme work practices and what it took to finally stop and turn their health around as they talk better strategies, passion, alignment, fear, and surrender towards ultimate transformation. An excellent episode that will resonate for real sufferers of busy perfectionism and a timely listen for all humans as many of us stay at home in this current time of covid 19.

EPISODE 12: The Joy of Opting Out

Joy talks JOMO (the joy of missing out) and chooses the upgrade JOOO – (the joy of opting out) to cull time wasters, and safeguard attention. Joy shows you how to make conscious night time rituals of observation, reflection and process, to optimise your time, energy and space. Recorded in late January 2020 before the global pandemic broke in Australia – the message and action can be applied right now as you listen at home.

EPISODE 11: Michael Littig – Digging Deep in Community & Belonging

Joy chats with Michael Littig, a serial entrepreneur, investor, theater artist, and co-founder of Zuckerberg Institute. Joy and Michael discuss being of service in the world, values, belonging and how to make community. They talk about the moment they shared the hand of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and teachings from their time in India together and discuss why, and what value mentorship and personal growth brings in fostering knowledge and wisdom. Michael shares a beautiful poem by Rumi – (the listener will transcend to the theatre for a moment) and scatters throughout the conversation, book and author references to plant the seeds of curiosity in the listener. This is an episode not to be missed, it’s deep, reflective, scholarly, and filled with wisdom moments – that you can integrate into your work, life and business. If you want to think deeper, and dig past the surface of conversation, then this episode is for you.

EPISODE 10: Sean Peter – Creative Projects Dissected – A How To

Australia’s leading arts companies and TV networks. You might know his work from Giggle and Hoot, in the iconic Aussie classic Playschool or even listened in the theatre as you watched a commercial musical. Joy and Sean discuss the creative process, fear, regrets, self indulgence, passion, community and finding your tribe. They nerd out with music technology, and even share a winning pizza recipe. This episode explores the inner workings of a creative mind, the highs, the hiccups and what it takes to make your best work and get it out there. Suitable for ALL listeners that want to launch their own often intimidating, but burning passion projects. HOT TIP: Listen to me read Seans bio at the top of the show and you’ll hear his brilliant music underpinning!

EPISODE 9: Holding Hands with the Dalai Lama (yes i really did!)

Joy talks of her trip to India to meet with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and shares some direct learnings and teachings from Tibetan Buddhist philosophers and the Dalai Lama himself and how she embeds and infuses this into all her new works and offerings. If you are busy in the hustle, Joy deconstructs how to and why it is so important to spend time looking within; time that will tweak your way of BEING, as you move through things like self judgement, beliefs and confusion and towards more clarity and acceptance. If you struggle to do things in peace, calm and ease, then this episode is for you. Listen curiously and be open to the possibility. 

EPISODE 8: What’s the Next Right Move?

Joy asks this critical question. What’s the next right move? That can be a hard question to ask, many of us don’t have an answer as we outsource to family, friends, Dr Google and strangers on the internet…. What’s your next right move?

EPISODE 7: Flex Your Time Right

Joy “konmari’s” your time, sharing strategies to nail it, curate it, and shoots questions that might be challenging to some. Her method gives the listener practical steps to implement and apply with greater ease.

EPISODE 6: Distracted & Disrupted?

Joy talks about falling out with your New Years resolution, her Summer holiday, the Australian bushfires, expectation, distraction and disruption. Inspired by Brene Brown’s wilderness work, Joy shares some nerdy goodness you might never have heard of, (but you are doing right now) and you’ll learn how to get back on track to nail your goals.

EPISODE 5: Quick Steps to a Great 2020

Joy talks with some amazing anonymous humans from 4 to 80 years old, and asks what has been their greatest achievements, greatest challenges, and discovers what their hopes and dreams are for the future. Joy gives practical and actionable NOW steps to claw back your time for greater focus, less distraction and greater ease in 2020.

EPISODE 4: Brian Patrick Murphy – How to Invest in Yourself

Joy interviews Brian Patrick Murphy, co-founder of Zuckerberg Institute. Brian has thousand hours of coaching/consulting experience and is an amazing and curious human. Brian had a successful career as an actor for more than a decade in NYC and all over the world, then followed his passion for teaching and leading, by spending time as a college professor, is a co-founder of the world famous Mark Fisher Fitness in NYC and Congregation Coaching. Joy and Brian chat about 2020, what to aim for and the role of investing in yourself for the ultimate life.

EPISODE 3: It’s The End of the Year as We Know It – and I Feel Fine

Joy talks frankly about how to nail the rest of your year, moving into 2020, how to Stage Manage your time and how to get your head right for action.

EPISODE 2: Claire Atkins – How to Pivot Flawlessly as an Artist

Joy interviews Claire Atkins, a dynamic multi-talented artist who continues to pivot so successfully in her career. Claire’s vocation to her work inspires, as we talk attitude, artistic process, adversity, self doubt and what it means to align with your higher purpose and follow your desires. A painter, actor, potter, speaker, editor, producer and recording artist, – everyone will take away learnings from this episode. We even get a sneak peek at Claire’s debut album, so listen curiously!

EPISODE 1: How to Leave Your Job After 23 Years

Joy recounts the first time she stepped into the Sydney Opera House, explores the wonderful productions and artists she had the pleasure of working with over the years and reveals what made her finally sign the resignation letter.