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Founder Joy Pereira has pivoted successfully from executing a lifetime’s worth of seamless professional productions and events; to bringing a fresh twist by working with clients in the digital space, to foster time management, creativity, leadership, productivity and overall wellbeing.

“Translating these skills to the “everyman” is critical, to truly live the life that you deserve. To give you more insight and clarity to nail your goals – for optimal results in your work, life and business. I am BIG on MAKING SPACE for creativity and ease of being.”

Joy was a Professional Stage Manager at the Sydney Opera House for over two decades and delivered many other world class events. She is a practitioner of time, deadlines, execution and process and knows exactly how to integrate this into your busy life.

“We are all on this messy imperfect journey, that is uniquely human and flawed, but we can move forward with grace and ease, if we can reference a roadmap, made by those that have gone before us.”

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