Joy Pereira has executed a lifetime’s worth of seamless professional productions, events with major artists and arts organisations; and now works with clients in the digital space, to help them build their profile and deliver their message through podcasts, live events and socials for more visibility and impact – through creative processes, digital media strategies, leadership, audience development, and mentorship.

“Translating these skills to business is critical, to compete in the digital environment. If you are not searchable, then how can a potential client, collaborator or new opportunity find you? I really want to help people develop their online presence, confidence and authority, in a way that feels completely natural by harnessing the power of technology, platform use and social media. Your knowledge, creativity and experience matters to an audience. I target the unique qualities of individuals and produce them to be seen and remembered by a wider audience”

Joy was a Professional Stage Manager at the Sydney Opera House for over two decades and delivered many other world class events. She is a practitioner of time, deadlines, execution and process and knows exactly how to integrate this into your digital pursuits by teaching you relevant aspects of creative production and more importantly, how to be comfortable in your skin, to engage an audience of potential clients or followers.

If you want to design a showcase like TED, I can take individuals and companies from Idea to Execution, i’ve sequenced and delivered thousands of live events and performances. There is a method I can teach, drill and mentor for any client or team to drive a successful event.” 

Joy also helps businesses harness the power of social media by using their voice through podcast episodes and best practices to amplify their message, forge connection and share their stories.

“If you want to be more searchable and agile on social media, discover the secrets to creating a binge worthy podcast episode – I can help. If you want to know how to build a synergy with the guest, ask the right questions or answer them with authority – i’m your person. I can help create a superior conversation that includes the audience, positions you as a thoughtleader or person at the top of your field.”

“We can move forward and build our businesses by sharing our stories, our ideas and thoughts. I know this is scary for some people. It’s all about relatability and building trust. Seeing ourself as a personal brand is a reframe necessary to grow your business to the next level, whilst still maintaining privacy and being your authentic self”

Far too many people are not growing or progressing in their industry due to fear of being seen, playing small or fear of judgement. We can evolve from this thinking. Let me help you push out the boundaries of your current status to explore your genius and maximise your potential to be recognised as a leader in your industry with infinite possibilities. I especially want to offer services to professionals of Social Enterprise, women of business and good humans with the desire to amplify their message for good.