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Events 101 – Five Essential Tips

Here’s a shout out to our production, event and theatrical fierce tribe. If you are reading this, you are either an industry specialist working hard to make your next event truly spectacular, or you might be looking to use our services in the near future, so you are having a snoop around (totally fine – welcome!) Perhaps you have just stumbled across this blog post searching about events, time management or leadership?

Whatever the circumstance, here is my prescription for Events 101, with many hacks you can apply to not only your business – but to your daily life. Winning!

1. Time Management

This is something that does not come naturally to the majority of people. We often go through the process of living without really defining goals or structuring our days, weeks, or years. Many people do not have the ability to use their internal body clock to count down to the nearest second. Production specialists strangely enough have these skills, but it is something that is cultivated over time. (I have it embedded at a cellular level due to working on productions for over the last 20 odd years) Factoring the blow by blow, second by second rundown of events is a developed skill. Being able to stick to specific time allocations is critical when running events and these hacks can be applied to your life. I would caution that nothing in life is perfect and in future I we will discuss the flexibility required to rule your life and reign over your event.

2. Organization

If you are an absent minded professor or someone that struggles with keeping things on time, you’d best be suited to being a VIP guest rather than an event specialist. These super humans are required to be the puppet master of all things event related. A serious ability to dissect, negotiate, delegate and direct people as well as a thorough knowledge of the mechanics of the event is essential. My number #1 hack – write everything down.

3. Leadership

So you might be able to dissect, negotiate, delegate and direct people as well as recite verbatim the mechanics of the event, but you need to have leadership without being a “boss” (bossy). The best type of leaders on events, are the people that are clear in direction, ask nicely, temper their responses and of utmost importance – treat people with dignity and respect. The intense and volatile nature of events often bubbles under the surface and a great leader is someone that is able to tap dance their way around the potential sinkholes and eruptions, whilst leading the charge and taking responsibility.

4. Creativity

This is an extremely important gift that all humans possess, but many often deny. To be creative gives you the ability to imagine creative solutions, be agile and come up with many different alternatives or workarounds. Problems can arise on a live event at any time, managing teams with artistic flair in your flow state is wonderful in action. Creativity cultivates a more interesting life!

5. Flexibility

Events, productions, life’s best made plans can go awry. The ability to be flexible, make editorial decisions on the fly or pivot is extremely important. Can you doctor the information, jump to the next cue, make space or take the reins in an instant? Being 3 steps ahead of the show run will ensure that there is a contingency in the event. Being a few steps ahead buys you a bit of insurance.

As you can see, all these tips co-mingle to make you a master of events and production. Totally transferrable skills to your every day.

I love to educate and hope that you’ve garnered a bit more knowledge, flexibility, creativity, and organisation (with ease) on your journey forward.

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