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You Can Lead A Horse To Water

Measuring Success

This morning we have been looking at the way success is measured. Being a totally subjective thing makes it much more difficult to gauge. The tools to data crunch, track engagement and evaluate social reach are out there. There is enormous value in these formalised processes but the intangible soft qualities of the production or event simply cannot be measured accurately. We try to capture feedback post event.

How do you harness a feeling?


Last week I attended TEDx Sydney at the International Convention Centre. It was a delight to be frontside as a guest, rather than at the Production desk calling the show or backstage somewhere orchestrating the blow by blow mechanics. I’ve done both of these roles on previous TEDs.

Finding My Tribe

I was curious to be totally immersed as a guest, I had assigned my colour stickers on my lanyard to identify my tribes. I had displayed my name, Float-Creative brand and 3 topics to speak to me about. They included Music, Floating and Vintage Caravanning (for a little bit of something different).

During the breaks, I headed to my tribes and found people sticking to there work colleagues or others with heads down soothed by the comfort of their smartphone. I kept my eyes up and present. Were some too afraid to connect?


TEDx did everything possible to engage and encourage the audience to connect. The MCs even told the 5000 strong tedsters to go and speak to someone new. Are we just too terrified to strike up a conversation with a stranger in a curated, safe and supportive environment?

I believe the organisers did everything they could to cultivate a sense of community, to nurture relationships and connection. They put on a wonderful show. They led the people to the water.

Make Them Drink

This is a big part of my mission. To engage and break down the social barriers within the event. We can wow the crowd with spectacular performance, visuals and theatrics, but when we drill down, it is the soft qualities, the value and emotion – that truly ignites connection.

We want to make them drink at your well, to participate freely.

Let us find that spark, to connect and bring your audience with you.

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