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When was the Last Time you Boosted your Knowledge?

I’ve been thinking about my growth journey and mulling over how much action I have taken over the last couple of years, to “grow myself” – out of curiosity and necessity.

You might be reading this, with the belief that “there is no time left in my over scheduled life to do one extra thing.” You might also say “meh, why do I need knowledge, everything is Google-able” but this kind of thinking robs you of a deep satisfaction that learning new things brings.

Remember the baby days of learning to walk, we just gave it a red hot go and did it. We stumbled over and over, not attaching any meaning to it, there was no failure or fear. We just did it. We took action.

When you get out of the comfort zone of your everyday, and try a new thing, you might just discover that it is the energy hack you have been looking for. It brings some colour to your beige, some unexpected joy as you meet new people and forge connections, some satisfaction at mastering a new skill or perhaps it releases that pent-up desire you have held for a long time. You know that “icky-ness” that you just can’t seem to articulate or shake.

Maybe the knowledge is a musical instrument, a craft, a sport, maybe new friendships or a new process.

When we learn (and enjoy it) our neurons fire and we consolidate new neural pathways. Imagine fireworks going off in the brain. I think we become smarter and feel better. We relax and our wellbeing has a boost.

Taking small action to learn something new, might bring you clarity or a new way of being. You might discover possibilities for extension, revision, and reinvention. Maybe you don’t have to do more but choose to do less.

Thanks for stopping by, your curiosity and thirst for knowledge brought you here.

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Go gently.


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