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Take Time to Recalibrate!

No one wants to feel time poor and out of control. Many of us have found ourselves back in the home; where time “seems” abundantly slow. My traditional industry virtually closed over night with many people left without any form of assistance and a whole lot of anxiety.

So how can we begin to find a degree of focus or relief after that sucker punch to the face?

My passion is to work with high octane individuals to make some space in their lives, to unstitch the fabric of their busy, to find greater clarity in their thoughts, ideas, time use and goals. To move with greater ease. Last year I was asking people to make pause as a conscious choice – this year the virus has made that choice for millions.

I hope that you can gently apply a few of these hacks to experience a little bit more ease in your day.

Unlike that infamous twitter post that said “if you don’t come out of this quarantine with either (lists 3 things) You didn’t ever lack the time, you lacked the discipline.” I wholeheartedly believe as a practitioner of time, that we are all experiencing a great shift in our lives that is beyond our control in parts, but we can take some small steps of action to get us to Destination B. It might not have been our first choice, but it is the necessary alternative route for many of us to survive, pivot and adapt to this new way of being. It might even become the preferred destination.

So go slow, take your time, reach out for support, phone a friend or use a resource, because the key to time management is not pushing your productivity to look efficient, busy or “successful”. It’s an inner game, and the efficiency comes when you are kind to yourself and gently able to adapt, tweak or pivot in new ways. Then you’ll find your flow in the strong current, and eventually find your footing on the sand bank once again.

Take great care!

I’ve got more ideas to “Cultivate Inner Strength in Covid-19” – head over to my Nerds of Joy Podcast available now on all good listening platforms.


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