Make Space to Create Unique Ideas and Brand Your Digital Business

As creatives, as entrepreneurs, we need time to pause to go within and bring forth our very best. 

Space: to filter the noise, to recalibrate, reset and renew. To see what rises and to formulate our own genuine ideas. ⭐️ We need time to do this, far away from the “hustle your face off” alter ego. ✌️ How many experts and influencers have you been besieged by today? The ones virtually yelling at you but claiming it as passion and hustle, the ones with 24/7 videographers that say your content volume just isn’t good enough. The ones with invisible kids and partners, somewhere in a corner of the universe? The voices that say almost anything to stoke a fire, hit your pain point or get a reaction. The ones that just want to go viral and be seen. The ones that delivered their message with near perfect execution, but their content has been taken from a lesser known source. 😓

If the spit is flying at you, and it becomes a load that zaps your time or depletes you, why not take the opportunity to pause and hit the mute button? Take a breath and gently filter the noise.

What great thing still waits to emerge from inside you? Make space and thoughtfully find a mentor that can assist you in navigating the journey. Perhaps you will discover that a pool of resources like strength, determination, patience and quiet focus has been inside you all along. Trust in yourself and most importantly – join your own dots and chart the course your way. 👌

Because y’know, they’ll still be there tomorrow, broadcasting their message full throttle, delivering their pitch, trying to stay “relevant” as they say.😝 (i believe we are all relevant and can add immense value to this world) Be careful those of you that seek the permission or approval of others, it can really stifle your decision making and progress.

To all the entrepreneurs and creators, this digital journey is often overwhelming, solitary and difficult. May we find our voice, our own unique message, delivered with exacting precision and grace. May we have the stamina, curiosity and desire for growth to fuel us consistently. If you are destined to be a sensation; may you fruit great abundance knowing you’ve added true value to this beautiful blue planet.

In time you too shall be heard and scale to the moon if you desire. ⭐️

For more ideas and strategy to find your voice, listen to Nerds of Joy Podcast or reach out on my socials if you’d like to be a mentee.

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