Virtual Leadership in Digital Business

I’ve got a fire in my belly this month as I have been hitting some high notes in my digital business and I wish you all the same for yours. May you have the stamina, tenacity and energy to keep forging your way through – to set yourselves up for the future.

Digital work can be an isolating scenario and how we manage teams and virtual collaborators is a really important piece of the puzzle to forge greater connection and bring your zone of genius to the world.

Now here is where I have to deviate from the script. I simply cannot bombard you with daily socials highlighting your faults and weaknesses for a sale. It is not in me to create a knowledge gap or press into your pain points for you to follow me more keenly – and I know that you are smarter than that; although even i found myself outsourcing to the latest guru or loud influencer that used these tactics in the early days, because I assumed they knew better than me.

You might have heard of the Dunning Kruger effect – “a cognitive bias whereby people with a low ability, expertise or experience regarding a certain type of task or knowledge tend to over estimate their ability or knowledge.”

I see it everyday on the internet and as my tooth grows longer virtually i’ve been able to apply my genuine in real life (irl) experience to my digital works.

See fundamentally we do need a source of inspiration or information to acquire the knowledge but for me it is SO critical as a human to do things in the best way possible and I seriously continue to push the boundaries of ethical tech and opportunities that harness the very best of our human potential – not draws from our lack.

This is why i’m pleased to announce my new ebook Virtual Leadership in Digital Business – Recruiting Secrets for Happy Teams.

If you recall I was a professional Stage Manager at the Sydney Opera House for over 20 years and on other world events. Each day I worked with ever changing teams of people to broker communication, interactions, creative leadership and direction for a specific outcome – and i’m sharing this with the world.

I must say, my approach is unique and it boggles my mind when certain gentlemen influencers write books on the topic of leadership that are more about marketing smarts and sales, than true, genuine and authentic leadership.

It kinda smarts to read their tweets with 15k likes, with concepts that seem rather pedestrian to me. Can one TED talk really set you up as a thoughtleader? (i’ve worked on those too) Have they ever had to drive and engage new recruits to make something happen to a hard deadline or is it purely academic?

I won’t name these people but I do often think about the fact that they have not experienced the unconscious bias that most of us as women have experienced. We have extra ceiling to break through. This is fact.

So my driver in creating this ebook is to help you get the skills to broker a team. To hire, mentor and set up success for your business. I want to help women especially get out of the quicksand to be seen and heard and listened to on your terms.

I take you through the critical steps to build a team and lead them with flair using real world examples and exercises.

For a limited time i’m also offering a BONUS live coaching webinar for us to connect and to hear some of your challenges.

This sweet bonus ends on July 31st, so click the link to get in quick.

I really want this to be a no brainer that helps you turbo charge your digital leadership and gives you more control in your time and business.

Have a look and let me know your thoughts over socials.

I truly hope you are doing well and have the digital gains that you deserve. If you are not running a digital business then perhaps you are seeking to get better at collaborating and communicating with a team. You can do that irl or virtually and I want to help.

What potential is waiting inside of you untapped?

Curious to know….. Email info@joypereira.com to get a copy.

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