Hands Up If You’ve Started A Podcast? Do You Want One…

You might have successfully launched a podcast, as this is what most digital kids are doing in the playground at the moment, but what if on further inspection, your approach was a total disaster? The episodes are boring, long winded, messy and unprofessional. Your audience consisting of mum, dad and a handful of friends might listen in a few times to show their support, but for the remainder of eternity it is crickets and tumbleweeds.

Where is your ideal audience?

Have you found that your podcast has no reviews coming in or have you found yourself hiding behind your microphone as you lack confidence, feel like an imposter and doubt yourself? We are not all born broadcasters and many of us still cringe at the sound of our own voice. Do you believe that what you say or put together is binge-worthy content? Do you have earth shattering ideas that people are bursting to discover and you are excited to create?

I like the idea of bands that “have not broken” or been discovered YET, or the indie podcasters that have come up through the ranks over time, and I really want to help you, because you might not know it now but there are hidden knowledge gems, created by you; just waiting to be unearthed.

I’m not a superfan of the new platforms that have created a stable of “talent” for shows. The curated former or current radio personalities and celebrities in an extension of their regular radio shows on their affiliated networks. I want to hear new voices and I want to champion them. I want to hear original content and if it’s good, i’m keen to discover more and invest my time and attention.

What I do like is a well produced podcast without the rambling or meandering of distraction. I like shows where the audience are not forgotten and where the host does not let it degenerate into an exclusion zone of “in” jokes, private asides and time wasting.

Trust me, the art of a good conversation is including the audience and taking them on a journey, you might stoke a new idea or make them question their way of think. You might have them eating from the palm of your hand or feeling deeply moved by the content. You might have them laughing in the aisles or have them nerding out, penning things down on paper with useful tips and insight.

That is where i want to be, where I want you to be and the types of show i produce on my podcast Nerds of Joy.

It helps that I have been around a lifetime of exceptional A list speakers, talk circuits, keynotes and festivals but please believe me when I say, some of the best conversations come from the unknown or obscure. It is all about being genuine and finding the little flecks of gold in a conversation or story. The art is being a good producer.

The best news…..

I can transfer and install these curation skills in you by teaching you to:

Script effective questions

Be a master of time and tempo

Allow space for the conversation to flow and to know when and how to rein it in

Make the podcast episode inspiring and enlightening, drawing out the very best from your guests

Teach you how to stitch it together in the most professional of ways with simply and external mic and a mac

Leverage your business goals and connections

Amplify your reach.

These are but a few things you can master if your podcast is created, distributed, and launched for maximum impact and reach. I also teach you how to frosting the podcast cake with some social media icing.

You might’ve started thinking seriously about your future podcast – some of you might have even taken action from a previous Nerds of Joy episode I made about launching your very own podcast. YAY for you self starter, but what I can say is that you need expert guidance to go from 0 to 100 and to be seen by the largest audience possible, in the quickest way on apple podcast and the other big players to launch like a BOSS.

There are basic technical steps to get your podcast live, but what i’m teaching on top of these foundations, is the X-FACTOR that makes your podcast hum and gets the guests knocking at your door, desperate to be a part of your creation.

To the businesses that want to go more digital, the new crusaders of social audio and to the long time show makers, i’m calling out to you too!

Podcasting is a commitment. It’s an art. To do it well you must be organised and have an insatiable curiosity about the guests, ideas and concepts you bring to the show. Of all the millions of podcast, a great many have gone to podcast heaven, floating in limbo abandoned by their makers. That bright spark fizzled out pretty quickly right? I want you to have longevity.

I want you to be successful. To have your podcast (your evergreen audio asset) leverage your brand and amplify your reach. So you can connect, share your stories, deliver your message, sell your stuff, build your social media strategy or be the expert. I wish this for all of you with a desire to be heard.

Let’s get you started the right way. I’ll help you put on the seatbelt and we will go fast.

“I feel the need, the need for podcast speed.” ✊✊✊😆

What about you?

I’m blocking time for my next group clients and can tailor to your needs today.

Reach out


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